Welcome to the Ohlone Nation!

With original land north and south of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Ohlone hold a unique place in the history of this country.

We understand that the story of the Ohlone people is often buried in history books that mostly exclude Ohlone voices, history, and experiences. The Confederation of Ohlone Peoples is a place to learn more about the history as lived by our relations thousands of years back and about Ohlone activity right up to the present day.

Ohlone Nation

The Confederation of Ohlone Peoples came into this world as an organization in 2009 with the vision of serving Ohlone people and supporters.

The Confederation is an educational organization. Although the organization has plans to develop a genealogical archive, and members may share their own genealogical process, we are not an organization dedicated to genealogy, federal recognition or judging people based on their level of engagement as either a Supporter of Ohlone people or Descendent of Ohlone people.  Since the group’s creation, we are now being called to support issues around the preservation of sacred sites and the creation of new Native cultural centers on behalf of the Ohlone.

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